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Kierrätys­keskus business services

Kierrätyskeskus business services brings environmental awareness and responsibility into your company’s everyday life.

Environmentally responsible business

What is an environmentally responsible company like? How could your business become one? How to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing and achieve concrete, effective environmental action? Kierrätyskeskus business services will help you get started and continue on your journey towards genuine, verifiable environmental responsibility.

What is happening?

How can your company demonstrate that it is truly needed in an operating environment where, among other things, stricter climate and environmental expectations are highlighted?

This is how you’ll start your environmental work

Learn the steps to successful environmental outcomes: how to start, what environmental work is, how your company benefits from it, and in which situations Kierrätyskeskus is a splendid partner for you.

Expert services

We help organisations to clarify, claim and implement their environmental commitments. Our expert services help you save natural resources and avoid climate emissions.

Carbon footprint calculation

The carbon footprint calculation helps you to steer your operations in a more climate-friendly and low-emission direction by identifying the most significant sources of emissions.

Circular economy calculation

Circular economy calculation captures the positive environmental impact of reuse, which is the result of keeping goods or materials in use instead of buying new ones.

EcoCompass audits

Our experts provide advice and audits of the EcoCompass environmental management system, in all sectors and for companies of all sizes, all over Finland.

Trainings and lectures

The trainings and lectures are suitable for all companies and communities interested in the circular economy and environmental issues.

Developing environmental work

We challenge and support our clients to understand their own potential to make a difference to the environment.

Download the guide

Basics of carbon footprint calculation

The guide is for companies that want to find out their carbon footprint. The guide is also suitable for those interested in carbon footprint calculation to get to grips with the basic principles.

Download the guide

Millä mitalla

The guide is intended for organisations that are considering their own environmental impact assessment. The guide is also suitable as a handbook for anyone interested in measuring environmental impact.

Näprä handicraft workshops for businesses

The Näprä handicraft workshops, which were awarded the Customer Deed of the Year 2023, offer activities for events in shopping centres as well as relaxed activities and get-togethers for company staff.

Goods services

Goods that are redundant for your business may be very useful for someone else – we find the environmentally best possible use for them.

Donate goods and materials

Donate your company’s unnecessary goods and materials responsibly.

Boksi donation points for premises

Order a Kierrätyskeskus Boksi donation point in your company’s premises, shop or shopping centre. Offer your customers a convenient way to take responsible action!

Buy with an invoice

By registering as a business customer, you can create a business account and pay for your purchases with an invoice if you wish.

Why us?

We help companies and communities at all stages of their environmental responsibility work. You’ll have access to a wealth of expertise in developing an organisation’s environmental performance, based on more than 30 years of experience.


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