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Craftsmanship in an ecological and affordable way

Handicraft service Näprä

Kierrätyskeskus encourages all those interested in arts and crafts to use ecological materials and supplies. In our shops you’ll find affordable secondhand supplies and materials, so you can craft and sew with a clear conscience.

You can also donate your unwanted craft materials to us!

Lähikuvassa sivellin, nappeja, lankakeriä, sakset ja neuloja aseteltuna vaalealle pöydälle.
Lähikuvassa sivellin, nappeja, lankakeriä, sakset ja neuloja aseteltuna vaalealle pöydälle.

Handicraft supplies of clear conscience

Kierrätyskeskus is a treasure trove for handicrafter, full of card packs, knitting materials, yarn rolls, beads and all sorts of other inspiring things to make. All the stores of Kierrätyskeskus have a dedicated section for craft and handicraft materials.

By buying Näprä’s materials, you also create opportunities for the long-term unemployed, for example, to do meaningful work.

We are included in Sitra’s most interesting in the Circular Economy list.


Materiaalitukku is located in our Nihtisilta department store.

Materiaalitukku distributes free craft materials to schools, daycare, playgrounds, hobby clubs and other non-commercial organisations.

Materiaalitukku also serves businesses and other commercial operators by offering a wide range of recycled materials at a low price per kilo or free of charge.

Donating handicraft materials

Circulate your goods – donate materials and accessories for handicrafts to us

You can donate materials and other items suitable for handicrafts and sewing. We accept donations from both households and businesses.

Here are some examples:

For sewing

  • pieces of fabric, leather and fur, ribbings and laces
  • patterns, fabric patches, needles and sewing threads

For handicrafts

  • wefts, handicraft yarns and tools
  • weaving and embroidery supplies
  • felting wool


  • cardboard and craft paper and strings
  • glossy scrap pictures, envelopes, stamps and postcards

For accessory crafting

  • loose beads and broken accessories
  • lanyards

For interior decoration

  • shells, glass stones and crystals
  • wine and champagne bottle corks
  • metal wire and small mosaics

What else can you donate?

  • miniature accessories
  • reflective vests
  • bibs, CDs, slide frames
  • plastic pockets, folders
  • small plastic, wood and metal scrap
  • opened packages of wallpaper, wallpaper borders, and napkins

Where can you donate?

Mark the package or bag “Näprä” and the materials will be sent directly from our donation point to Näprä.

To all Kierrätyskeskus stores

Kaikista myymälöistämme löytyy lahjoituspiste!

For circulating collection vehicles

Check the timetables of the collection vehicles on tour

At the Boksi donation points

Find a Boksi near you

To the collection points of HSY’s Sortti-stations

HSY’s Sortti stations have their own donation points at Kierrätyskeskus

Contact us

How can we help?

Contact us by phone, email or the form below.

Marja Peltola
workshop manager of the handicraft service Näprä

Enquiries 10–16
Tel. 050 501 4854

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Handicraft workshops for businesses

Näprä’s award-winning handicraft workshops – creativity and insights from recycled material!

The Näprä handicraft workshops, which were awarded the Customer Deed of the Year 2023, offer activities for events in shopping centres as well as relaxed activities and get-togethers for company staff. Working together is an adventure that arouses imagination and insights, which relaxes and increases the team spirit of the staff. The workshop will give you new ideas for using materials and teach you new skills.

Everyone talks about responsibility, but still too few implement it. Näprä team works tenaciously and with customer-oriented ideas to change people’s attitudes. By taking part, handicrafts enthusiasts can make a responsible choice. The recovery of surplus materials also allows for social employment.

 – CXPA Finlandin toiminnanjohtaja ja Shiruten toimitusjohtaja Sirte Pihlaja

The handicraft workshop is an easy introduction to the circular economy. Each product made in the workshop saves natural resources by calculation: for example, crafting one hobby horse from recycled materials saves about 64 kg of natural resources.

Get to know the workshops

Ohjelmanumeroksi tyky-, kick off- ja kehittämispäiviin, pikkujouluihin yrityksille, työyhteisöille, kaveriporukoille, lapsiryhmille.

In the workshops, recycled materials are used to make cards, accessories or hobby horses, for example. During the workshop, you will also learn about the main principles of the circular economy. The workshop can be held at Kierrätyskeskus or at the customer’s premises.

Check out the workshops below and request a quote!

Seitsemän heijastinmateriaalista ja helmistä valmistettua avaimenperää vaaleanpunaisella taustalla.

Accessory workshop

Reflective accessories

The workshop makes unique reflective keyrings and bag accessories. The materials used include recycled reflective materials, beads and accessory parts.

Napeilla ja puuhelmillä koristeltuja avainkaulanauhoja vaaleanpunaisella taustalla.

Accessory workshop


Dip your fingers into buttons, beads and ribbons and make your own unique lanyard. The materials come, of course, from circulation.

Nahkamateriaaleista valmistettuja korjakoruja, kaulanauha ja avaimenperä.

Accessory workshop

Leather accessories

Create earrings and necklaces that look just like they’re yours from leather goods, samples and pieces of accessories that come into circulation.

Neljä vetoketjuista valmistettua rintakorua vaaleanpunaisella taustalla.

Accessory workshop

Zipper accessories

Whirl together unique brooches, lanyards and keyrings from the zippers that have come into circulation.

Kollaasitekniikalla toteutettu kortti, liimapuikko, sakset, kynä, teippi ja leikekuvia vaaleanpunaisella taustalla.

Creative workshops

Dream map

A dream map helps you visualise your dreams and maybe even achieve what you dream of. The workshop will use old book pages and papers and decorations that have come into circulation.

Itse tehtyjä nukkeja joilla kullakin on nimilaput.

Creative workshops


Create a touching self-portrait from a wealth of material options. Are you creating yourself in the present or working on what you want to be in the future? It’s a fun way to get to know your colleagues better!

Kangasmateriaaleista valmistettuja pieniä erivärisiä nukkeja ja lankakeriä vaaleanpunaisella taustalla.

Creative workshops

Worry doll

In the workshop, you will make your own worry dolls from a wide range of materials. A worry doll can carry your worries for you – put it under your pillow for the night and in the morning your worries might be over!

Itse tehty keppihevonen jolla on sinisestä villasukasta tehty pää ja oranssit suitset.

Creative workshops

Hobby horses

The easy hobby horse is created from a floorball stick and a wool sock that have come into circulation. The hobby horses can be donated to a pre-selected destination on a charitable basis.

Christmas workshops

Wreath workshop

The workshop will make a festive wreath using corks and decorations that have come into circulation.

Christmas workshops

Cards workshop

The workshop makes unique Christmas cards and gift cards using old books and book pages, paper and decorations.

Askarreltuja joulukortteja.

Christmas workshops

Elf doors

Where does an elf peep from, if not through their very own door? In the workshop, elf doors are created using old book covers and Christmas decorations.

Christmas workshops


Create beautiful Christmasy window decorations using old book pages.

Example prices

– 2 h workshop (15 people) from 395 €
– 2 h workshop (30 people) from 595 €

VAT 24% will be added to the prices.

Additional services

– Lecture
– Circular economy visit

Available at Nihtisilta’s reuse department store.

Order a handicraft workshop

Craft workshops are suitable for shopping centre events, corporate team days, team-building days, work well-being days, staff events, district events, festivals, public events, fairs, camps and Christmas parties. Book a workshop by filling in the form!

Workshops can be organised

  • On the customer’s own premises, e.g. in a business or shopping centre
  • In Nihtisilta department store in Espoo (max 15* people)
  • In Finnoo store in Espoo (max 15* people)
  • In Koivukylä department store in Vantaa (max 15* people),
  • In Kyläsaari store in Helsinki (max 15* people)
  • At the Kierrätyskeskus office in Hakaniemi, Helsinki (max 12* people)

The duration of the handicraft workshop is agreed according to the client’s wishes, but is usually 2 hours. A public event, where you can drop in for a moment or participate from start to finish, usually lasts around 3-5 hours.

Additional services
Want to delve deeper into the circular economy? The workshop programme, combined with a lecture and a circular economy visit, will stimulate ideas and deepen understanding of the circular economy and sustainable consumption. If you organise your workshop at Nihtisilta department store, you can choose to include the following additional services:

  • Lecture by an environmental expert
  • A circular economy visit to a sorting centre
  • Collection campaigns for events