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Plan B

Do you know what your clothes are made of? Plan B’s workshop turns textile waste into something brand new, one garment at a time.

Plan B upcycled products and workshop

Plan B is Kierrätyskeskus’s collection and workshop of unique upcycled products. The workshop product family includes a range of ecologically and ethically manufactured clothing and accessories, as well as interior design products and furniture. Plan B means colourful and local handicraft.

Following the principles of Trashion fashion, the Plan B sewing studio uses fabrics donated to Kierrätyskeskus that would not be suitable for sale as they may have stains, holes or sun-damaged areas. Parts of the fabrics that are in good condition are used, saving fabrics that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Kierrätyskeskus’s Plan B upcycled collection with the Key Flag symbol as a sign of products made in Finland.

The Most Wanted

The Most Wanted range includes exceptionally fun and surprisingly stylish secondhand designer furniture, lighting and interior design products ranging from pop antiques to valuable items. TMW products are curated from donations received by Kierrätyskeskus, and are cleaned, inspected and repaired if necessary at Kierrätyskeskus’s Plan B workshop. Check out TMW products in the online store!

Calculated to be environmentally friendly

Plan B products are calculated to be environmentally friendly. One Plan B armchair saves around 90 kg of solid natural resources and avoids 20 kg of CO2 emissions.

“Plan B gives products a new life and is an ecological choice. Each product is a unique and personal expression of domestic craftsmanship.”