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About Kierrätys­keskus

Looking for information about Kierrätyskeskus? You’ve come to the right place!

Kierrätyskeskuksen myymälätyöntekijä järjestämässä myymälän esillepanoa.
Kierrätyskeskuksen myymälätyöntekijä järjestämässä myymälän esillepanoa.

Customer service

If you want to contact us, this is the place to find what you’re looking for.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked miscellaneous questions.

Contact us

Click here if you want to send us an enquiry or feedback. Please note that we cannot answer questions about goods sold in shops.

Shop contact details

Contact details of Kierrätyskeskus shops.

Staff contact details

Contact details for administrative functions, billing information and contact details for permanent staff in shops.

Environmental School Polku contact details

Environmental awareness

Environmental sustainability guides everything we do. Check out our environmental communication and our very own Environmental School.


Welcome to read Kierrätyskeskus’s environmental blog posts and read customer stories about companies that have done environmental deeds with us.

Current events

Here you will find a summary of Kierrätyskeskus’s current events and campaigns, shop-specific news and other news.

Environmental School Polku

Join us in building a life the size of one planet!

About Kierrätyskeskus

Our aim is to reduce resource consumption, raise environmental awareness and increase opportunities for participation and work.

Kierrätyskeskus in brief

Kierrätyskeskus is involved in social activities with the aim of enabling sustainable lifestyles and saving natural resources.

History of Kierrätyskeskus

Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus is a non-profit company established in 1990.


We are making the world a fairer place, one insight and one object at a time.


The company’s shareholders and the board of directors.

Key figures

Each year, we publish key figures on our environmental savings and other impacts of our operations.


We have been involved in various projects related to, for example, environmental education and other environmental development.

For media

Media contacts, logos, images and media releases.


At Kierrätyskeskus, sustainability is not just greenwashing, but the common thread running through everything we do. Our core value is environmental responsibility: everything we do is geared towards an ecologically sustainable future.

Environmental responsibility

Find out how we minimise the environmental impact of our own operations and what else our environmental responsibility means in practice.

Social responsibility

Read about Kierrätyskeskus’s social responsibility principles.

Financial responsibility

Kierrätyskeskus strives for financial sustainability in its operations.

Whistleblower reporting channel

This notification channel is intended for the internal use of Kierrätyskeskus and its partners.

Volunteer work

As a volunteer at Kierrätyskeskus, you can get involved in local environmental action in the way that suits you best.

Join us as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you can take part in one-off events, join in for a longer period or even help out from home.


Vacancies vary and there are different needs in different locations.